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A Response to J.K. Rowling
Sue Gives A F**k

A Response to J.K. Rowling

Sometimes Sue can be quite serious. J.K. Rowling has finally had her say on trans rights. So I thought I'd have mine. Sources: Studies arguing that gender identity is fixed from a young age: For a quick overview, here’s the Wikipedia page: However, for more authoritative information, see Bukatko, Danuta; Daehler, Marvin W. (2004). Child Development: A Thematic Approach. p. 495 or Hine, F. R.; Carson, R. C.; Maddox, G. L.; Thompson, R. J. Jr; Williams, R. B. (2012). Introduction to Behavioral Science in Medicine. p. 106. Waiting times for medical transition treatments See here for an article: or here for the official guidance from the Gender Identity Development Service: Statistics published up to 2016 by the Tavistock Centre, the UK’s largest Gender Identity Clinic: Lisa Littman study: Statistics on black men falsely accused of raping white women: Rape, Racism, and the Law, Jennifer Wriggins, 1983 Stats on the proportion of child sexual assault perpetrators who are heterosexual men: Rahman, Mahrin. "Definition of the Problem". Also Carole Jenny; Thomas A. Roesler; Kimberly L. Poyer (July 1994). "Are Children at Risk for Sexual Abuse by Homosexuals?". Proportion of rape victims who are female:
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